Committee Assignments

BOE Members'
Committee Assignments

Building Committee:  Kate Beauparlant

Curriculum Steering Kate Beauparlant, Arikka Kalwara, Valerie Muschiano

IAQ/TfS/Safety:  Cathy Grant and Valerie Muschiano

Insurances (Health and WC/LAP Ins:  Kate Beauparlant and Meagan Wicks

Negotiations Kate Beauparlant, Meagan Wicks, Christopher Wilson

Policy Committee:  Kate Beauparlant and Meagan Wicks

REOPEN Committee:  Kate Beauparlant

School Security & Safety Committee:  Kate Beauparlant and Arikka Kalwara

Solar Panel Review Committee:  Cathy Grant

Technology Committee:  Kate Beauparlant and Cathy Grant

Transportation Committee:  Cathy Grant, Meagan Wicks, and Sarah Thompson

Wellness/Food Service/Nutrition:  Kate Beauparlant and Cathy Grant

Youth Services Bureau:  Christopher Wilson

The FULL BOARD serves on the following committees:

Budget & Finance

Long Range Planning & Community Relations

Strategic Planning