REOPEN Committee

Members of the Voluntown REOPEN Committee in the Time of Covid-19:
Adam S. Burrows  -----------    Superintendent of Schools
Amy L. Suffoletto ------------    Principal
Lloyd A. Johnson -------------    Director of Student Services
Linda Hanson     -------------     School Nurse
Brian Kallio ------------------     Director of Maintenance and Facilities
Anne Michaud ---------------      Transportation Coordinator
Thomas O’Connor ----------       Director of Food Services
Darlena Loranger --------------       Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Parent
Andrea Kelly ----------------      Teacher and VEA President
Angela Gardella ------------      Paraprofessional and local CSEA President
Kate Beauparlant ----------       Board of Education Chair and Parent
Jim Ward -------------------      Technology Consultant
Rachel Sahoo---------------       Counselor/Social Worker
Tracey Hanson -------------      First Selectwoman and Parent
Patrick McCormack -------       UNCAS Health Director
Amanda Page --------------      Parent
Toula Wyland --------------      Preschool Teacher